I am pleased to share with you the music and videos I recorded.

Let's start with my 8-Bars Etudes Challenge playlist that I had lots of fun working on

Cimbalom and classical music? No problem!

While Paganini originally composed this for violin, with some practice, it can now be played on the cimbalom!

However, as you now know, my mission is to showcase the unlimited potential of the cimbalom across various musical genres...

So how about traditional folk music?

Just give it try and discover how series of traditional folk dances called "Csárdás" sound with the full deployment of a traditional folk band using the cimbalom.

Would you like to "take five"? Then it's an ideal time for you to discover how the cimbalom and jazz goes hand in hand!

I did not have the band available, so I doubled myself. 

Would you believe that the cimbalom can also conquer orchestral stages? Which orchestra can say they have had the pleasure of collaborating with a cimbalom soloist? Ladies and gentlemen, let us enjoy this delightful moment of the cimbalom and orchestra together.

Concertino for Cimbalom and Orchestra by Jaromir Dadak

Our cimbalom community needs more original literature written for our instrument. I was pleased to have one written by the renowned American composer, Anthony Plog. Cimbalom and wind ensemble? No problem!

Eight Moods for Cimbalom and Wind Ensemble by Anthony Plog

The cimbalom has become my key to understanding the world and its diverse cultures. My extensive experience with Chinese music and culture, both on the Chinese version of the cimbalom - the yangqin - and on the cimbalom itself, has allowed me to acquire a unique universal language that doesn't require you to understand Chinese 😉🈲🉐. You can simply immerse yourself in its music.

Explore the fascinating similarities between the Chinese yangqing and the European cimbalom.

Have you enjoyed this brief introduction to my mission and the cimbalom colors? Checkout my Youtube channel where I regularly post new videos and recordings showcasing the beautiful colors of this incredible instrument. Join me on a journey to explore the fascinating world of the cimbalom.