My Journey in New York City

🌆 Moving to New York

In August 2023, I fulfilled a lifelong dream by moving to New York City with my beloved cimbalom. Settling in Hell's Kitchen, I dove into the vibrant cultural scene and embarked on my demanding one-year master’s program at BerkleeNYC.

🎓 BerkleeNYC Experience

Starting in September 2023, I studied at BerkleeNYC, focusing on Creative Engineering at the legendary Powerstation studios. I collaborated with talented musicians worldwide, performed at open mics, and worked on various school projects, always involving my cimbalom.

🎤 Performances and Collaborations

  • NYU and Juilliard: Lectured and performed, fulfilling more dreams.

🌍 China Tour

In May 2024, I traveled to China for the World Dulcimer Cultural Festival. I competed and won an international dulcimer competition, achieved a Guinness World Record, and was elected President of the International Dulcimer Alliance. This trip marked significant milestones and strengthened global cimbalom ties.

📻 Media and Recognition

  • Interviewed by Czech National Radio, sharing my passion and journey.
  • Engaged with international audiences and nurtured lifelong connections.

🎶 Culminating Experience

In May 2024, I presented my master’s recital at Bohemian National Hall, a culmination of my year’s work, with immense support from the Czech Consulate General in New York.

🙏 Reflection and Gratitude

As I prepare to graduate, I reflect on a transformative year filled with growth, achievements, and invaluable connections. Thank you for being part of this journey, and remember – with the cimbalom across the ocean!